Working in the industry for over 45 years, Air Pyro has a solid reputation among its clients, many of whom are pillars of the Quebec economy in aluminum, steel, aviation and recreational vehicles.

Whether for the maintenance and service of heating equipment, the optimization of combustion processes, improving quality and increasing productivity, implementation energy efficient solutions or obtaining a subsidy for energy savings, the enforcement of environmental and government norms, our qualified staff will answer your questions and make the necessary recommendations for your goals.

Institutions, school boards and hospitals

All economic sectors of Quebec can benefit from our maintenance programs and energy efficient solutions that have proven themselves profitable for several government institutions including school boards and hospitals. Equipment reliability and energy savings have been a top priority for many years and PyroAir has earned the trust of many of them.


With over 20 years experience in the printing industry, Pyro Air can address all your needs, whether for maintenance, service or setting up your dryers, presses and incinerators. We can also put you in touch with companies looking to sell or buy new or used equipment.

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